High Adventure
High adventure trips are generally thought of as long-term camping experiences in remote or otherwise remarkable areas for experienced Scouts and Scouters. Troop 344 has always had a focus on high adventure. While other Troops may choose the more traveled path, we choose the path less traveled.

Our monthly Troop outings include camping, hiking, backpacking and other activites and take place year round in a variety of climate conditions. The skills required for these types of outings are learned at meetings and on the trail. Experienced and highly trained adult leaders ensure the safety of the Scouts on every event. Participation on outings is crucial to building the necessary skill level, experience and endurance that is an integral part of our high adventure trips.

The council heavily promotes the National High Adventure Bases - Florida Sea Base (Florida Keys), Northern Tier (Minnesota), and Philmont Scout Ranch (New Mexico), and the newest National High Adventure Base and home of the National Scout Jamboree, the Summit Bechtel Family National Scouting Reserve.

We choose to develop and lead our own high adventure trips. There are several factors that make developing our own trips attractive:

    * Cost - Our trips are just about one third of the current fees for our Council-led contingents to the BSA bases.
    * Planning and Preparing - Building our own high adventure program is more rewarding than the somewhat canned
      experiences available at the BSA Bases. This calls for crew members to be much more involved with the process and
      therefore makes the trip all that much more worthwhile. Scouts and leaders derive great satisfaction and valuable
      experience when they do it for themselves.
    * Flexibility - We can schedule trips in a much more flexible time frame and match the challenge level to the participants.
      We can also plan our pre-trip shakedowns and meetings to suit our schedules.
    * Crew Dynamics - Council contingents fill predetermined crew sizes. You may get to spend a week or so with Scouts or
      leaders you don't know. This may be a chance to make new friends, or turn into a real ordeal. Filling a crew from a single
      Troop where everyone is familiar with one another makes the outcome much more predictable.

The following presentation can help you in Planning Your Own High Adventure PowerPoint   PDF.

Who should consider joining Troop 344 and our High Adventure Experiences?

    * Anyone who wants a challenge (hiking, backpacking, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, shooting, pioneering, canoeing,
      orienteering, etc.)
    * Anyone who enjoys the outdoors.
    * People who like seeing sites and experiencing activities you can only see by hiking.
    * Anyone who enjoys a minimalistic camping experience (carry it on your back).

Troop Requirements for a High Adventure Experience
    1. A Scout must be a minimum of 14 years old by December 31st during the year of the high adventure trip. **(see note)
    2. A Scout must obtain the rank of Star prior to trip departure. **(see note)
    3. An up to date Annual Health and Medical Record, Part A, B, and C, must be on file with the Troop.
    4. The Troop leadership reserves the right to reject any participation request if in their judgement it would compromise the
       safety of the individual or other participants.

**Note: The Troop leadership, at their discretion, may alter these requirements based upon the demands of the high
            adventure trip. Safety is paramount and any decision to alter requirements will be made so that the safety of the
            individual or group is maintained.

"There's a high country that awaits your coming; There's awesome beauty to fill you with bliss;
There's a golden chance in the offering; Go, or these wonders of God you will miss." - Bruce Brady

Following the Path Less Traveled

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