Buying a Pack
Finding Your Torso Length
     Fitting a Pack
     Straps for Comfort and Control of Your Pack
     Packing Your Pack
     Keeping Moisture Out
     Shakedown and Pack Weight
     Hoisting a Pack on Your Back
     Backpack Care
Backpacking Meals Made Simple PowerPoint   PDF
Backpacking Recipes V8.4
Backpacking Stove Pot Support

Calorie Calculator
Dehydrating Food
Estimating Quantities of Food/Nutrition
Everything You Need to Know About Bear Canisters
Popcorn Recipes for Camping
Trail Baking
Trip Menu Plan

Equipment/Packing List
Trip Expense Record
Trip Log
Trip Plan

Course Guides for Backpacking:
Backpacking Guide Course #1: Boots, Socks, and 
     Clothing - PowerPoint   PDF
Backpacking Guide Course #2: Sleeping Bags,
     Sleeping Pads, and Sleeping Clothes -
     PowerPoint   PDF
Backpacking Guide Course #3: All About Backpacks -
     PowerPoint   PDF
Backpacking Guide Course #4: Tents, Moisture
     Control, and Trekking Poles - PowerPoint   PDF
Backpacking Guide Course #5: Stoves and Cookware,
     Camp Layout, Backpacking Etiquette - 
     PowerPoint   PDF
Backpacking Guide Course #6: Water Treatment and
     Sanitation - PowerPoint   PDF
Backpacking Guide Course #7: Backpacking First Aid
     and High Altitude Illness - PowerPoint   PDF

Maps and Map Reading:
How to Tell Directions Without a Compass
Introduction to GPS
- Numerous Articles
Trails Illustrated Maps
Using GPS with Paper Land Maps

Airline Regulations
Backcountry Oxymora

Backpacking Etiquette
Backpacking Guide - Olympic National Park

Backpacking Tips, Tricks, Toys, and Truths

Bear Gets into Car for Peanut Butter Sandwich
Calculate Windchill
Campfire Stories
Camp Layout and Setup
Common Sense - The Most Important Essential
Duty Roster
Flying with Backpacking Equipment

Frisbees as Essential Outdoor Tools
Hammock Camping Presentation - PowerPoint   PDF
How to Hang a Bear Bag
How to Survive a Bear Attack
How to Survive if You're Lost in the Woods
Leave No Trace Principles
Lightning Safety - Myths and Truths
Mind Over Mountain
Murphey's Laws of Backpacking
Sanitation in the Backcountry
Smartphone Adventure Photography - PowerPoint   PDF
The Ten Essentials of Hiking/Backpacking
Water Treatment Basics

Weather Basics
Wrong Way: Top 52 Hiker Mistakes

Ohio Trail Maps
Burr Oak Backpacking Trail
Shawnee Backpacking Trail
Tar Hollow Backpacking Trail
Wildcat Hollow Backpacking Trail
Zaleski Backpacking Trail

Pennsylvania Trail Maps
Gerard Hiking Trail (4.9MB)

Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail (North)
Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail (South)

Find a Trail in the United States - Sierra Club Trails - Topo, Satellite, and Terrain Maps

Backpacking: An extended form of hiking in which people carry double the amount of gear they need for half the distance they planned to go in twice the time it should take.
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Clothing and Footwear
     Hiking Boots - Finding the Right Ones
     Hiking Boot Care
     Hiking Boot Lacing Techniques
     Hiking Socks - Choosing the Right Ones
How to Care for Technical Fabrics
     Restoring Water Repellency in Rainwear
     Dutch Oven for Backpacking
How Much Fuel Should I Carry?
     How to Make an Alcohol Stove
     How to Make an Insulated Cozy

     Stoves and Cookware

Sleep System

     Sleeping Bags
     Sleeping Bag Care
     Sleeping Pads
How to Repair a Tent Pole  
     Tent Care

Trekking Poles

     Trekking Poles
     How to Fix Trekking Poles

Ultralight Backpacking
     Backpacking Lightweight
First Aid:
Altitude Acclimatization
Altitude Sickness Video
Blister Prevention and Treatment
First Aid Kits and Checklist
First Aid Manual for Hikers

First Aid Myths
How to Check for Ticks

SOAP Note - Use in reporting accidents
SOLO Wilderness Medicine - Find a course near you
Understanding the Importance of Hydration
Great Places to Shop for Gear:
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Alps Mountaineering
Bass Pro
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Bivouac - Scouts receive a 20% discount with ID
Hiker Direct