Meeting Activities
Plans and Activities for Troop Meetings

Dutch Ovens
Fireman Chit
First Aid for Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, and 1st Class PPT
Flag Etiquette
Games - Big Book of Games Volume 1
Games - Big Book of Games Volume 2
Games - Initiative and Meeting Games

Jeopardy Game for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Requirements:
     Instructions (Download and read first)
     Scout Jeopardy Power Point
          Applause WAV file
          Countdown WAV file
          Daily Double WAV file
          Host WAV file
          Introduction WAV file
          Jeopardy Logo JPEG
          Alex Trebec Logo JPEG

Meeting Activities
"No Match" Fire
Post-Campout Actions
Safe Hiking
Safe Swim Defense
Safety Afloat
Totin' Chip
Troop Program Features Volume I

Troop Program Features Volume II
Troop Program Features Volume III

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Merit Badge Presentations and Help Sheets

     Animation Merit Badge PPT
          Flip Book Template
     Aviation Merit Badge PPT
          FPG-9 Instructions
          FPG-9 Template
Camping Merit Badge PPT
     Chess Merit Badge PPT
          Chess Score Sheet
          How to Read and Write Algebraic Chess Notation
          16 Checkmate Puzzles
          16 Mini-Mate Puzzles
     Cooking Merit Badge PPT
     Electricity Merit Badge PPT
          Electricity Home Checklist
          How to Make an Electromagnet
          How to Make a Single Pole Double Throw Switch
          How to Make a Rheostat
          How to Make a Circuit with a Switch
          How to Make a Simple Electric Motor
     Engineering Merit Badge PPT
          Rube Goldberg Contest
          OK Go - Rube Goldberg Video
          Six Rube Goldberg Machines Video
     Environmental Science Merit Badge PPT

     Fingerprinting Merit Badge PPT
     First Aid Merit Badge PPT
     Game Design Merit Badge PPT
     Genealogy Merit Badge PPT
          Family Group Record Form
          Pedigree Chart
     Graphic Arts Merit Badge PPT
          Relief Printing - Linocuts
          Relief Printing - Woodblock
          Screen Printing at Home
     Movie Making Merit Badge PPT
     Nature Merit Badge PPT
     Pets Merit Badge PPT
          Pets Merit Badge Pamphlet
     Photography Merit Badge PPT
     Public Health Merit Badge PPT
     Snow Sports Merit Badge PPT
     Space Exploration Merit Badge PPT
          Low Cost Rocket Launcher Plans
     Traffic Safety Merit Badge PPT
     Weather Merit Badge PPT