Meeting Activities
Cash Cab Game for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Requirements
    Instructions (Download and read first)
    Cash Cab Tenderfoot PowerPoint
    Cash Cab 2nd Class PowerPoint
    Cash Cab 1st Class PowerPoint
    Cash Cab Question Music - WMA file
    Cash Cab Theme Music - MP3
    Countdown Timer
    Get Out of My Cab - MP3
    Red Light Challenge Video - WMV file
    Bowline Video - WMV file

DIY Survival Bracelet - PowerPoint   PDF

Dutch Ovens

Firemaking Skills - PowerPoint   PDF

Fireman Chit
First Aid for Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, and 1st Class PPT

First Year Scout Program - PowerPoint   PDF
    Activities for a New Scout Campout
Flag Etiquette
Game - Boy Scout Stratego (unique "Capture the Flag")
Game - Cannonball Patrol Challenge
Game - Ultimate Frisbee
Games - Big Book of Games Volume 1
Games - Big Book of Games Volume 2
Games - Initiative and Meeting Games
Patrol Challenge Instructions and Processing

Jeopardy Game for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Requirements:
     Instructions (Download and read first)
     Scout Jeopardy Power Point
          Applause WAV file
          Countdown WAV file
          Daily Double WAV file
          Host WAV file
          Introduction WAV file
          Jeopardy Logo JPEG
          Alex Trebec Logo JPEG

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Hammock Camping Presentation - PowerPoint   PDF
"No Match" Fire
Post-Campout Actions

Ropemaking, Whipping, and Splicing - PowerPoint   PDF
Safe Hiking
Safe Swim Defense
Safety Afloat

Smartphone Adventure Photography - PowerPoint   PDF
Totin' Chip
Troop Meeting Ideas and Activities
Troop Meeting Plan Archive
Troop Meeting Plan Template - PDF
Troop Meeting Plan Template - Word
Troop Meeting Plan Sample
Troop Program Features Volume I
Troop Program Features Volume II
Troop Program Features Volume III

12 Ways to Cook Pizza on a Campout - PowerPoint   PDF

Winter Camping Presentation -
PowerPoint   PDF
      Winter Camping Preparation Form

Plans and Activities for Troop Meetings

Due to the extensive number of Merit Badge PowerPoint Presentations and help sheets that have been created, they have been moved to their own Merit Badge Help page.