Canoe Etiquette
Canoe Guide - Allagash Waterway

Canoeing - From the Scout Fieldbook
Canoe Terminology
Canoe Launching
Canoe Packing List
Canoe Packing and Securing Gear
Canoe Paddling
Canoe Portaging
Canoe Rescues
Clothing for the Backcountry

First Aid Kit and Checklist
First Aid Manual

How to Choose a Canoe Paddle

Leave No Trace Principles

Murphy's Laws of Canoeing

Great Places to Shop for Gear:
Important Note: The following list of companies is provided for your information. Inclusion in no way implies endorsement of the companies or their products. Please let the webmaster know if there is a company you would recommend be added to the list.

Alps Mountaineering
Bass Pro - Scouts receive a 10% discount with ID
Bivouac - Scouts receive a 20% discount with ID
Hiker Direct
Paddler's Safety Checklist
Places to Paddle

Safe Swim Defense
Safety Afloat
Sanitation in the Backcountry
Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Bag Care
Sleeping Pads

Tent Care

Understanding the Importance of Hydration

Water Treatment Basics
The problem with a canoe is that itís got a big hole on top that lets in the water and limits the paddlerís ability to avoid sinking. 
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