1.  What is the best size for a group that goes hiking? [see answer]

   2.  Name five surfaces which can withstand foot traffic very well. [see answer]

   3.  When you encounter mud in the middle of a trail what should you do? [see answer]

   4.  How can you help minimize the effects of hiking boots on the trail? [see answer]

   5.  What's the hiker's etiquette for crossing private land? [see answer]

   6.  After eating, which food scraps can be disposed of in the woods? [see answer]

   7.  You are hiking next to a babbling brook when nature calls. What do you do? [see answer]

   8.  When hiking how do you dispose of solid human waste and toilet paper? [see answer]

   9.  What is a cathole? How do you prepare and use a cathole? [see answer]

  10. What natural substances can you use instead of toilet paper? [see answer]

  11. How far from water should you set up camp? How far from a trail? [see answer]

  12. While hiking you you find a beautiful meadow to spend the night. Where should you pitch your tent? [see answer]

  13. You camp in an established campsite. It has one main fire ring and several others scattered around. Does this situation
        require you to do anything special? [see answer]

  14. What are the best surfaces on which to camp? [see answer]

  15. In an established campsite where should people set up their tents? [see answer]

  16. You are hot and tired and need to get to your destination before dark. The trail you are on descends sharply with lots of
        switchbacks. You can see the trail not far below where you are. Is it okay to bushwhack through the woods to save time?
        Why or why not? [see answer]

  17. You are camping with a group in an area that has no established campsites. How should you set up your tents? 
        [see answer]

  18. You are hiking in an area known for its Native American history. While taking a break you find a piece of pottery. What
        should you do with it? [see answer]

  19. You camp along the trail, but not in a specified campsite. You are wet and cold, so you build a small fire. Before leaving
        the next morning what should you do? [see answer]

  20. You are hiking with a group and come to a meadow with no established trail across it. You need to get to the other side.
        What should you do? [see answer]

  21. What color clothing should you wear while hiking? Why? What color should your tent be? Why? [see answer]

  22. After you clean up your meal what should you do with your trash? [see answer]

  23. You are sitting quietly in your campsite when a few deer begin to approach. What should you do? [see answer]

  24. After a day of hiking you set up camp. What special clothing items should you bring to wear while in camp and why?
        [see answer]

  25. You have found a beautiful place to camp near a stream. What should you do? Why? [see answer]

  26. You are ready to leave your campsite -- what are the last things you should do? [see answer]

  27. In your campsite you have some cute chipmunks and squirrels which are begging for food. What should you do? Why? 
        [see answer]

  28. Why should you always carry a small plastic bag in your pocket when hiking and camping? [see answer]

  29. What are the seven principles of "Leave No Trace"? [see answer]

  30. Recite the Outdoor Code? [see answer]

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